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Recruitment Services

  • Gone are the days when companies had to consider recruitment as a tedious and over-burdened job in the competitive business world. In the present scenario of business world, almost everything can be outsourced for the betterment of the company. Recruitment is one such area in business management where outsourcing has gained huge attention in recent past. There was a time when companies invested a lot of money and time in selecting the best employees themselves, and this lead to lots of overheads for the company.
  • If your company is very much concerned about cutting down costs and saving lots of calendar time, the most assertive method of placement is to use our recruitment services.
  • At Gateway Consulting Services, we tailor-made human resource solutions to your company needs. We are constantly developing and optimising innovative staffing solutions to help you weather economic fluctuations, control costs and improve productivity.

Foreign Recruitment / International Talent Search

  • As the talent pool for certain specialized industries is limited in Singapore, we are facing a shortage of skilled manpower in Singapore.
  • To sustain the manpower needs of our local industries, foreign talent / skilled manpower are required to supplement our growing demand for skilled foreign workers. Gateway Consulting Services is focused in advising and assisting our local companies in selecting and recruiting suitably qualified manpower from various countries in the Asia Pacific Region.
  • We work closely with our branch offices and accredited partners in these countries to implement our stringent recruiting and selecting criteria. Our agency also keeps abreast with the latest changes in rules and regulations implemented by our Ministry Of Manpower (MOM) with regard to the employment of foreign talents.
  • We offer a comprehensive range of recruitment services including sourcing, pre-selection, interviews, documentation, settlement and after sales services.
  • We have proven successful in many industries. These areas segment of industries have since become our areas of practice through the compounding effect of years of continued focus:

Local Recruitment Services

  • Our Local Recruitment Division specialize in the following employment services to assist and provide human resource solutions locally:

Executive Search

  • Our Executive Search practice focuses on the provision of senior finance, human resource and technology professionals to organizations throughout the region. Each search commences with a detailed briefing from the client allowing our consultants to understand the type of individual being sought, the role, the organizational context and so forth, prior to moving to the research phase.

Permanent Placement

  • This is the prevailing practice of engagement to have the incumbent working under the client's payroll. Our company will act as an effective source for candidates, screening and sieving out the most suitable candidates based on our client's needs, criteria and company culture.



Clean Room Operator


Engineer - Oil & Gas


Production Operator(Food)


Construction Worker





Chef/Kitchen Crew

Foreign Manpower Recruitment
Work Permit / S Pass / Employment Pass